Below you can find a selection of projects Marlim has completed.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR), ISW Notification and ESC Plans

2006 - 2007

MarLim was responsible for the Instream Works Notification package submission to DFO, the assessment of the watercourse in accordance to the Riparian Areas Regulations, and writing and submitting of the RAR report. MarLim also developed erosion and sediment control plans in accordance to local bylaws for a residential development. Project Team: A senior biologist conducted. More…

Colebrook Marsh Restoration

2003 - 2005

This project was undertaken for a Lower Mainland Municipal Government in order to attempt to determine why the marsh area that was disturbed during dyke re-construction had not been successful at naturally regenerating the marsh plants. Test plots were designed and monitored for almost one year to determine which combination of: elevation, soil type and plant species namely-. More…

Stream Classification and Assessment

1995 - 2000

MarLim was responsible for determining the extent of fish presence/absence as well as collecting stream width measurements in the study area. Prior to the stream sampling, MarLim conducted historic fisheries data research, reviewed maps, and overflew the sites in helicopter to assess potential fish barriers and habitat features. Following this initial assessment, the sites were then classified by. More…

Bridge Removal and Installation Construction Monitoring


Monitoring for the removal of Summit Creek Bridge #1 and construction of the new bridge was done to ensure minimal impact to the stream habitat and water quality of Summit Creek and waters downstream. Previous study findings (MarLim Ecol. Cons. 1994) determined that the riparian class of the stream at this location is “S1”. This class designation suggests. More…