Bridge Removal and Installation Construction Monitoring

Monitoring for the removal of Summit Creek Bridge #1 and construction of the new bridge was done to ensure minimal impact to the stream habitat and water quality of Summit Creek and waters downstream. Previous study findings (MarLim Ecol. Cons. 1994) determined that the riparian class of the stream at this location is “S1”. This class designation suggests that all measures possible should be undertaken to minimize stream impacts at this site as well as downstream. The monitoring was to be done by an impartial agency to ensure an unbiased opinion of any impacts to fish habitat and water quality.

Project Team: A senior biologist conducted the initial site assessment and oversees all stages of the projects. A biologist/technician completed construction monitoring works. All reports were signed off by a Senior Biologist.

Project deliverables: A final report package and/or Environmental Monitoring Report. Reports included project summaries, photo documentation and applicable maps/ site diagrams. Copies of all final reports were given to the client, DFO and MOE. An original copy was also retained in MarLim’s office. Visit for more infomation.