Below you can find a selection of projects Marlim has completed.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessments


  Marlim has completed many different RAR assessments for several private clients, including landowners and development companies planning to sell, buy, or develop individual lots or groups of lots throughout the lower mainland.  The works include a detailed onsite assessment of the watercourse(s) impacting the proposed works in accordance with the Riparian Areas Regulation, determining. More…

Forest Service Road and Bridge Construction Environmental & Construction Monitoring


These projects involved both construction and environmental monitoring services as needed for FSR construction works and several bridge installations and replacements in northern BC.  Marlim completed all notifications and permit applications for instream works outside of the instream works windows, and fish salvage.  Marlim prepared environmental management plans for large bridge replacement projects requiring instream. More…

Fish Passage Culvert Investigations


Marlim has worked on 3 FPCI contracts since 2012. Work conducted by Marlim for these projects involves reviewing the project area maps and site spreadsheets to plan and complete the work in an organized manner, conducting crossing assessments according to provincial standards, reviewing and submitting all data collected, and completing a final recommendation report for. More…

Raptor, Nest & Wildlife Tree Survey

August 2015

Marlim conducted a detailed survey of the trees to be removed for the proposed road ROW of the development lots for raptor nests, active use, and wildlife trees.  Trees were assessed visually, from the ground looking up, to determine if any raptor nests were present and/or if the trees were being used by birds or. More…

Environmental Monitoring for Emergency Works

January 2015

This was an emergency works project in which the contractor notified Marlim of an area of concern following which Marlim conducted a site visit to assess the urgency of the situation. Marlim notified both DFO and MoFLNRO of the intent to proceed with emergency works upon finding that works were required to be completed as soon. More…

Instream Works for Fish Passage and Habitat Compensation

2009 - 2011

This has been an ongoing project which started in 2009. Repair work was done on the culvert located underhighway 99 in 2009 and 2010, part of which included relining the bottom of the culvert with concrete. This relining created a smooth bottom with no places for fish to rest, and also appeared to increase the. More…