Watermain Twinning Project

MarLim was responsible for the preparation of erosion and sediment control plans, planting compensation plans, and the instream works notification package submission. A raptor and nesting survey along the right-of-way (ROW) to a distance of approximately 15m into the forest along both sides of the ROW was conducted. All trees, both deciduous and coniferous were visually assessed (from the ground looking up) to determine if any raptor nests were present. Environmental Monitoring, turbidity monitoring, and sediment control for all construction works throughout the project was conducted by MarLim. The disturbed stream banks were revegetated and a vegetation survey was conducted to establish a plant count to ensure successful re-vegetation.

Project Team: A senior biologist conducted the initial site assessment and oversaw all stages of the project. A biologist and technicians completed ISW notifications and permits applications as well as construction monitoring and channel compensation works. All reports were signed off by a Professional Biologist.

Project deliverables: ISW Notification Package, ESC Plans, Environmental Monitoring Report, Plant Count Report