Environmental Monitoring for Emergency Works

This was an emergency works project in which the contractor notified Marlim of an area of concern following which Marlim conducted a site visit to assess the urgency of the situation. Marlim notified both DFO and MoFLNRO of the intent to proceed with emergency works upon finding that works were required to be completed as soon as possible for safety reasons.  Marlim provided full time environmental monitoring and guidance throughout the works which involved the placement of clean riprap along eroding areas of the river bank that were threatening the stability of the adjacent highway.  Marlim also prepared the Section 9 Water Act Notification of Emergency Works which was then reviewed, signed off, and submitted by the contractor.  Marlim kept detailed field notes, and took numerous photographs to document the site condition before, during, and after the emergency works were completed.  A detailed report was completed and submitted to the client and appropriate agencies.

Project Team: Senior Biologist conducted all site visits and environmental monitoring. All project deliverables are signed off by a Senior Biologist.

Project Deliverables: Detailed New York City Mold Removal project report.