Raptor, Nest & Wildlife Tree Survey

Marlim conducted a detailed survey of the trees to be removed for the proposed road ROW of the development lots for raptor nests, active use, and wildlife trees.  Trees were assessed visually, from the ground looking up, to determine if any raptor nests were present and/or if the trees were being used by birds or wildlife in any other capacity (ie. roosting trees, woodpecker trees, etc.).  The ground was surveyed as well throughout the assessment, for any potential ground nest sites.  Not all trees could be fully assessed during the first site visit due to foliage.  All trees where nests were potentially present were identified, and reassessed after the initial assessment. A report was prepared providing recommendations for trees to be cut, timing, and ways to ensure trees outside of the ROW would not be impacted.

Project Team: A senior biologist oversaw all stages of the projects.  Fieldwork was completed by the senior biologist, junior biologist, and field technician. All reports were signed off by a Professional Biologist.

Project Deliverables: Report to client providing results of assessment and recommendations.