Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) Assessments

Marlim has completed many different RAPR assessments for several private clients, including landowners and development companies planning to sell, buy, or develop individual lots or groups of lots throughout the lower mainland.  The works include a detailed onsite assessment of the watercourse(s) impacting the proposed works in accordance with the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation, determining the applicable SPEA(s), and compiling and submitting the RAPR report.  For many of the projects, Marlim also prepares detailed ESC plans for the proposed development works, and occasionally provides environmental monitoring, depending on the needs of the project.

Project Team: A senior biologist conducts the initial site assessment and oversees all stages of the project.  A biologist and technicians complete the RAPR assessment and report. All reports are signed off by a Professional Biologist.

Project Deliverables: RAPR assessment report, ESC plans as required.