Mark Gollner, BSc, RPBio, PBiol.

Mark Gollner, BSc, RPBio, PBiol.

Senior Biologist, President, Project Manager

Mark started the company in 1990 and has over 30 years of experience, including a diverse array of Aquatic & Terrestrial Surveys and Inventories throughout British Columbia in marine and freshwater ecosystems. He has made it a priority to earn and maintain a reputation for quality, honesty, integrity and professionalism. He has extensive experience involving Watercourse Classification & Habitat Assessments, Instream Works, Provincial/Municipal/Federal Permit Applications, Fish/Invertebrate/Small Mammal salvage, Construction Monitoring, Bird Nesting Surveys, and an unequaled concern for adherence to scientific methods and procedures during field sampling, data analysis and report preparation.


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