Below you can find a selection of projects Marlim has completed.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Construction Monitoring and Instream Works

2001 – 2010

Environmental monitoring of numerous ditch maintenance, culvert installation and emergency works projects throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Works were completed on both an as-needed and emergency basis. Instream Works (ISW) projects consist of preparing and submitting ISW Permit Applications or Notifications. Once permission had been granted from the regulatory agencies Department of Fisheries and. More…

Contaminated Site Investigations

1999 - Present

MarLim conducted Phase I and II Contaminated Site Investigations by request of the property owners to address potential environmental contamination and liabilities. Sites included 2 locations where used oil tanks were stored and where diesel fuel was being stored in an unprotected above ground steel tank. The main purpose of the Phase II Site Remediation was to. More…

Stream Channel & Pond Design, Channel Re-Location and Ripairan Planting & Compensation

2007 - 2010

The initial works to build a stream channel and pond in the southeast portion of the property was started in 2007 and completed in 2009. This work was done to compensate for unauthorized works by a contractor who filled in several streams on the property. Marlim worked with the client, engineer and the DFO to. More…

Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping (SHIM)

2004 - 2010

Marlim Ecological Consulting has completed numerous Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping (SHIM) projects from 2004 to 2010. The projects involved the use of a TrimbleGPS unit to map all of the watercourses. Additional information collected during the course of the projects included channel morphology and geometry, bankfull measurements, wetted width and depth, basic water quality, fish. More…

Watermain Twinning Project

2005 - 2008

MarLim was responsible for the preparation of erosion and sediment control plans, planting compensation plans, and the instream works notification package submission. A raptor and nesting survey along the right-of-way (ROW) to a distance of approximately 15m into the forest along both sides of the ROW was conducted. All trees, both deciduous and coniferous were. More…

Fisheries Impact and Enhancement Assessment


MarLim conducted historic fisheries data research, summarized the fisheries resource values, and identified areas for potential enhancement within the Fishtrap Creek watershed. Fish sampling was conducted using Gee Minnow traps. Options for short- and long-term enhancement opportunities within and adjacent to the Fishtrap Creek Trail system were outlined. Project Team: A senior biologist conducted the initial site assessment. More…